Sometimes once the snowball gets rolling downhill it really starts picking up speed and size quickly.  When the story regarding the murder of Aaron Hernandez's associate Odin Lloyd broke on Monday, Hernandez was a model citizen in the NFL who smoked pot a few times in college.  Three days later and he is beginning to look more like an armed thug who regularly resorted to violence and might have shot two different people in the head, one of whom ended up dead.

As reports continue to roll in, there are now a minimum of four incidents that Hernandez is connected to:
1) The murder on Sunday night/Monday of associate Odin Lloyd, fiance of the sister of Hernandez's fiance.
2) The shooting of a man named Alexander S. Bradley following an argument at a strip club in Miami.
3) An incident outside of Karma nightclub in Providence, RI on June 6th, details to come later.
4) The newest report surfacing is Hernandez's name on a police report filed following a May 18th altercation outside of "Viva" on Thayer St. in Providence, RI.  Hernandez was reportedly harassed by a Jets fan when police intervened before Hernandez and that Jets fan got into it.

The news just keeps getting worse.  On the bright side, nobody's condemning Gronkowski for pile-driving his brother at that concert anymore.  Keep an eye on as I continue to bring you more developments and news about this situation.