I'm gonna take a minute to step away from the news reporting aspect of this story, and go to PURE SPECULATION on the Aaron Hernandez situation.

Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd (the victim) and two uncles of both of their fiances (who are sisters) were seen out on the town the night before Odin's death. The two uncles were reportedly visiting from Conn., but Odin lives in Boston, Hernandez lives in North Attleboro, and the two fiances live in Mass as well. This is all fact, I'm just setting up the speculation. The four of them were seen out on the town in Boston, nearby Odin's house.

This whole situation to me reeks of a family issue that either got out of control, or handled just like it should have been. There are two reasons to bring older male relatives from out of town, combine them with what is likely the most powerful-physically and financially-member of the family in Aaron Hernandez, and go to a person's neighborhood to pick them up; a surprise party and an intervention of sorts. Clearly this was not a surprise party.

I'm gonna go FAR out on a limb here now. I'm gonna say that Odin Lloyd possibly had relationship problems of some type with his fiance. I'm not going to say what they were, but we all know the possibilities. He might have been cheating, beating, or using. I'm going to guess that the two uncles came in from out of town to team up with AH and go talk to Odin. Maybe to tell him to leave the woman alone, tell him to leave, tell him to stop, whatever it is.

They went to pick Odin up, brought him to a bar in Boston to help ease things, then went back to Aaron's house. They talked there with him, and the talks didn't go well. Someone went to drive him home-probably one of the uncles-and stopped before they'd traveled too far, put a few bullets in Odin, then walked back to Aaron's house. I would guess they all covered the tracks, agreeing amongst themselves that what had happened was necessary, and ultimately the right thing.

This is ALL SPECULATION. Maybe just the writer in me, but that's what I envision having happened here, and wanted to get it public before too many details come out in case I was right, got that shit on record, lol. I've been following the story VERY closely though (as most of you no doubt know) and the pieces all fall into place. It might be all speculation, but it's built on fact. Anyway, that's all for now...