There has certainly been no shortage of build up to today's divisional playoff game between the Patriots and the Jets, but the hour is quickly approaching when talk no longer matters-only preparation and execution.

The war of words is certainly entertaining however, and has even prompted warnings from the league that if there are any illegal hits in the game, trash talk before the game will be taken into consideration when deciding the appropriate punishment.  This warning was issued after, and seemingly directed at Jets' LB Bart Scott, who said yesterday that Wes Welker had gone too far with his clever comments revolving around feet (and clearly ribbing Jets' head coach Rex Ryan) and that Welker's "days in a uniform were numbered".

Given threats like this, and statements like Braylon Edwards recently made "at the end of the day we're just the better team" despite a 45-3 beating handed to the Jets by the Patriots roughly a month ago, this game could very well be the best game of the year.  I expect at the end of the day the result may be a bit closer than the last game between the two teams in Foxboro (45-3, remember?) but with the same end result of the Patriots being victorious and the Jets learning that they're probably better off spending their time studying tape and practicing, as opposed to spending their time in front of any microphone that will listen.