One of these days I’m going to sit down and write something positive about the Patriots.  Today doesn’t seem like it will be that day, as yet another Patriots player found themselves in trouble with the law last night.  Cornerback Alphonso Dennard will find himself in court today to be arraigned on charges of DUI, just three months after being sentenced to thirty days plus probation for assaulting a police officer while at college in Nebraska.


In an effort to cut him a break and allow him not to miss any time with his new team, the judge had ordered that sentence start March 1, 2014.  While it’s not certain precisely what the penalties will be for this newest charge, the judge is certain not to be happy.  The newest violation also took place in Lincoln, Nebraska, when Lincoln police officers observed his car flirting with the lane line.  He is only being arraigned under suspicion, as he refused to take a blood-alcohol test at the scene.

I’ll continue to keep you updated as this story develops on just another day in the Patriots’ 2013 off-season.