As more and more of the Aaron Hernandez story unfolds before our eyes, it continues to look more and more like an episode of Law & Order, or an Agatha Christie novel.  The investigation has gone something like this so far:

On Monday evening the body of Odin Lloyd of Dorchester, Mass was found approximately a half mile from Hernandez's North Attleboro home.  Lloyd was found dead by someone local to the area, having been shot in the head.  Lloyd was driving a rental car with Rhode Island plates that had been rented in Hernandez's name, and upon further investigation was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiance, Shayanna Jenkins (pictured above with Aaron and their daughter).    Shayanna and Hernandez go back a ways, having graduated from Bristol Central High School together in 2007.  She currently resides in North Attleboro, presumably with Hernandez.

Upon finding that body, Massachusetts State Police executed a search of Aaron Hernandez's home (which is located about half a mile from where the body was found) and the area surrounding his home.  They returned the following night to search around the home a bit more, and left the residence with two men; later identified as the uncles of Shayanna Jenkins, who were reportedly just visiting for the day from Connecticut.

Hernandez was initially cooperating with police, but has since hired the Boston legal firm of Ropes & Gray to represent him.  Michael Fee, an attorney with the firm issued a statement Wednesday basically saying that they would not be saying anything.

In addition to the problems surrounding the body in North Attleboro, it also came out this week that Hernandez was being sued in a Florida court for having shot a friend in the face.  Those papers were pulled after being filed, and are expected to be refiled as they were only pulled due to a paperwork issue.  We should find more about this incident as it unfolds.  Right now all we know is that Alexander S. Bradley was shot in the face, and has since undergone multiple injuries to the area.  He claims it was done by Hernandez, inside the back of a rental car after leaving "Tootsie's", a Miami strip club where the two had an argument.  We also know that Bradley made no mention of Hernandez in the police report, and that the two appear to know each other (Bradley is from Bristol, Conn. as well).

This has to be one of the worst weeks of the young tight end's life, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better.  One has to wonder if he saw this coming.  Interviews with current teammates produce the same answers: he's a great guy who wants to get away from the associates with gang ties that he knew in his childhood.  One teammate says he was hoping to "put some distance" between them and himself.  Being drafted by his home team probably didn't help that.  I have to wonder if when this situation completely plays itself out, will Hernandez still be a Patriot?  If he's hoping to get away from the life he had growing up, being drafted by his home team probably wasn't the solution he'd hoped getting to the NFL would be. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Patriots try to give him a chance to make it elsewhere, and get something back in return.  Just a thought.  

Stay tuned for more updates as this fluid situation continues to develop.