Bill Belichick answered the questions of many a football critic today when he addressed the Aaron Hernandez situation with reporters prior to the beginning of the team's training camp, which starts tomorrow.

Surprising many-including myself-the infamously reserved coach began his press conference by reaching out emotionally to the family of Odin Lloyd, saying that someone died, and that "can't be understated".  He continued by extending his sympathies to the family, and "anyone affected".

Belichick moved on to say that the team would continue to work on how they evaluated players, and that character was and always has been important in New England.  He also reaffirmed the statements Robert Kraft has made recently, saying he agreed with everything the owner had said, and that the team reacted quickly and decisively.  Interestingly enough, the only time he referred to Hernandez by name was to open, saying he was going to address the "Hernandez situation".  From thereon out, it was just "the player" or "a player", further showing the separation the organization is trying to put between themselves and their former tight end.

This press conference comes just a day after star quarterback Tom Brady spoke about the situation, indicating that he had seen a lot in his time, and had moved on.  The press conference ALSO was shown simultaneously while Aaron Hernandez appeared in court at a show cause hearing.  I'll update on his hearing later.