We've been following this story all week here at simplypatriots.com, and we've reached the culmination of the first stage of what is likely to be a long process, as sources have informed Bostoncbslocal.com that an arrest warrant has been issued for Aaron Hernandez in connection with the shooting death of 27 year old Odin Lloyd.

The charge reportedly will be obstruction of justice, however CBS's source reports that there is the possibility of charges being either added or upgraded.  It comes on the heels of news that authorities have found video footage that seems to show Hernandez on Fayston St. in Boston with the victim early Monday morning, and another shot that shows Hernandez later without the victim.

Given the way this story has unfolded, it seems to me that the obstruction charges likely stem from the destruction of Hernandez's phone, security system (including video), and his hiring of a cleaning crew to clean his house the day after the murder.  You don't want to assume guilt prematurely, however it certainly doesn't look good for Hernandez.  Massachusetts State Police are expected to satisfy the arrest warrant, although details are still unknown.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Lloyd's body was found approximately half a mile from the Hernandez household, in an industrial park on Monday evening.  Police report that he was shot and killed at the scene where his body was found, and that he was shot multiple times.  He was driving a rental car with Rhode Island plates, rented in Hernandez's name.  Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiance, and witnesses reported seeing him and Hernandez walk into a bar together with two other men the night before Lloyd's body was found.

Hernandez also faces a civil suit in Florida, for allegedly shooting a man in the face while inside a rental car, following an argument inside a Miami strip club.  Hernandez will also undoubtedly face questions-at least from the league-regarding two separate incidents, one on May 18, and another on June 6 in which he was allegedly involved in some kind of altercation outside of two different clubs in Providence, RI.  For some athletes it's clubs and drinking, partying and drugs, late nights and women that "get" them.  For Hernandez it seems to be rental cars and clubs.  If he somehow comes out on the other side of this situation with any semblance of a career I hope he's learned his lesson and changes it's lifestyle before his lifestyle permanently changes his life.