Sources are now reporting (as reported by Steve Silva of that Aaron Hernandez WILL BE arrested in connection with the murder of an associate.  Amidst these mixed reports of a possible impending arrest, and new reports this morning that there are witnesses who saw Hernandez and victim Odin Lloyd amongst a group of 4 men at a bar the night of Lloyd's murder, his name's attachment to the rental vehicle found near Lloyd's body, and the search of his home no matter the police's statement that he is not currently a suspect, one can't help but feel those reports are probably accurate.

As one legal expert explains the fact that the police will not refer to him as a suspect, Hernandez has behaved every bit like a suspect throughout the investigation so far.  While no police official has characterized his behavior as "uncooperative", many media outlets have done exactly that, reporting that he hasn't spoken with the police and quickly retained an attorney.  I'm also hearing via a source that news will break on a third incident, this one happening in June that he will also be arrested for.  It is believed to have happened outside Karma night club in Providence, RI on June 6.  I will update you as soon as I know more.

The situation hasn't stopped Hernandez from working however, as he spent the morning at Gillette Stadium.  Either that was his way of escaping the newfound (and unwanted) media attention he's receiving, or a sign that he's not worried about the situation and plans on continuing about his business as usual until the situation blows over.  One way or another, this situation is constantly developing and I expect to have more news for you later in the day.  Keep tuned in here at